In November 2023, we participated in another recording for TV2 East.

The final broadcast was shown on TV2 East on Sunday, February 4, 2024, but before that it was presented on TV2 East social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram).

My Special Son

The broadcast was part of the series 'The day that changed my life' (S1E2 - My special son) and our product developer Anja Højte talks about suddenly being a mother of a child with special needs. The child is, of course, our wonderful inspiration Valter.

The program quickly became popular and was therefore also shown on the national media TV2's community page and on their pay channel TV2 Play. Viewers have been caring in the comments section and the tone and understanding of Valter's special needs is unique and welcoming.

VALE is happy that Anja and we can help highlight the unexpected in life and the fact that people with disabilities and special needs are just as loved by their families as everyone else.

It's a touching and life-affirming 10-minute program that we highly recommend.
A wonderful family is featured and we at VALE have the utmost respect for Anja and her family's genuine warmth and love for others!



'The day that changed my life' Series

There are a few days in our lives that we remember especially well. But for some people, there also come special days that strike like lightning from a clear sky.

In this series, four individuals tell their own story and how they were able to move on after the day that changed their lives.

S1E1 - The last rum and coke

S1E2 - My special son

S1E3 - A love pizza

S1E4 - The bomb in Afghanistan


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