Patented designs

At VALE, our priority is our Customers’ Satisfaction.

We understand that our designs must correspond exactly to our Customers’ specific needs, giving them the opportunity to dress with dignity, comfort and style. With this in mind, we continuously work together with our customers and end-users to include unique features and exclusive details in our new designs, providing better functional solutions for the daily activities of their caregivers.

A Utility Patent protects the functional aspect - the way it works - of an article of clothing against other companies copying, using, making, selling or importing that specific article without our express consent.

All our designs are protected by utility patents.

Inclusive Features and Details

setting us apart in the Fashion Industry

snap buttons

at the waist level for connecting the Bodysuits and the different Tops-styles, keeping them both together in place with a snug fit

Open back

to slip on from the front and fastened securely across the back, simplifying the dressing of people on wheelchairs or lying in beds

probe holes

at the front for easier and direct access to MIC-KEYs or G-tubes for receiving nutrition, fluids and medicine directly into the stomach

Zippers on
arms & legs

facilitating the dressing process and preventing the person to have to disrobe entirely in case of medical examination or blood testing


with zippers along the legs, raised waistlines with adjustable width, soft elastic bands, baggy fit for using diapers, and front pockets

Flat seams &
smart hems

for preventing sored skin related to being in the same position over extended periods of time (wheelchairs, beds, ...)

No physical
labels inside

imprinted directly on the fabric or easily removable inner labels for people with hyper-sensitive skins (autism, epilepsy, ...)


GOTS & OEKO-TEX 100 certified natural and organic fabrics, without harmful substances for human health