Circular packaging

Following our Zero-Waste Policy, VALE strives to implement actions for Reducing and Reusing already existing resources, creating a circular system that is significantly better for our environment than to produce entirely new items from recycled or renewable resources.

With this in mind, VALE has partnered with one of the main Danish circular packaging providers - RE-ZIP® - to offer our customers the opportunity to participate in a more sustainable shopping experience.

Known also as Reusable Packaging, Circular Packaging is the future of shipping goods, putting an end to single-use packaging by re-using the same package over and over again, while decreasing CO2 emissions significantly of up to 80% and helping our precious environment.

Your sustainable choice

Choose conscious shopping with our sustainable shipping solution to spare the planet from single-use packaging, and when you return it to us you'll receive an automatic and immediate:

Reward voucher of 50 DKK for your next purchase
(service currently available only in Denmark)

How to use RE-ZIP Circular Packaging

1. Select the option

At checkout, choose 'RE-ZIP Circular Packaging' option for a sustainable shopping experience

2. Receive order

Receive your order in our RE-ZIP reusable packaging, unpack it, and fold the packaging so it is flat and ready to be returned

3. Scan and return

Use the RE-ZIP mobile app to find your nearest Drop Point. When you arrive, scan the QR code on the packaging using your smartphone and return it for our reward voucher

Once any packaging is returned, RE-ZIP's infrastructure will then ensure that it will be guided to a cleaning and disinfecting hub, where it will be prepared for the next shipment, so it may be used again and again and again…

Circular Packaging makes a real difference

VALE works hard to challenge our throw-away culture. The environment is unnecessarily burdened every time packaging ends up in the bin and new ones have to be produced.

Therefore, VALE aims to alert and encourage our customers to participate in a cycle where packaging is reused many times. When we reuse, we expand the lifetime of the packaging and we save the resources that would have gone into producing something new.

With our Circular Packaging system, customers participate by choosing an environmentally friendly packaging solution with an additional cost of 15 DKK, while VALE also participates in it by rewarding the customer's positive behaviour with an additional voucher of 50 DKK.

Currently, our Circular Packaging system is only valid for orders within Denmark. New countries are being implemented and should be available shortly. Contact us and find out if and when the service will be available in your region.

Main Benefits

RE-ZIP Circular Packaging

Just fold and return the empty RE-ZIP package in one of the many RE-ZIP Drop Points that you'll find in the mobile app - completely free - and be rewarded with a 50 DKK voucher for your next purchase.

Say no to single-use disposable packaging and choose our circular packaging system 'RE-ZIP'!

Get the RE-ZIP APP here

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