The Story of VALTER nicknamed 'VALE'

In 2016, our family was blessed with a baby boy who would prove to be something special.

VALTER was born with a special syndrome, and like many other children he brings an incredible amount of happiness to our lives, but also at the same time daily concerns and sadness.
It immediately became our focus that we would fight all the necessary battles for our boy for him to have a good and decent life filled with joy and quality of life.

However, our expectations did not correspond with reality and the services that exist for people with disabilities or special needs.

From this emotional prospect we have therefore started our own passionate project 'VALE', with the ultimate goal of benefiting all people with special needs (starting with children, but aiming for all ages in the future) and bring value and positively enhance our precious society.
Our ambition is to create a universe for inspiration and joy as well as to ease the many challenges in everyday life in a functional and fashionable way.

VALTER ‐ our Wonder, our Hero, our Inspiration!